MANSSION | Premium Men's JewelryDesign Inspiration: The never-ending mysteries of the universe. Look up.


Bracelet Width 

8 mm

Matte & Shiny Black Onyx / Yellow Tiger Eye / Blue Tiger Eye

Metal Finish

Brushed Silver


Wax coated, Waterproof

MANSSION | Premium Men's Jewelry

Our products use only precious metals and the highest quality stones. As with all real metals and stones, tarnishing is part of the process, but you can retain that brand-new shimmer for a long time depending on how you care for your products.

We have specifically designed our packaging to help you care for your jewelry. Our box is lined with micro-suede and is intended to keep moisture out. The soft cloth provided should be used to clean your jewelry after every use. This will help protect it against scratches and harmful substances soaking into the metal.

All of our products are either a solid precious metal or plated 3 times with the highest-grade material, covered with a proprietary protective coating, and hand finished to ensure supreme quality and long-lasting durability.

925 Sterling Silver

We apply a thin layer of rhodium plating on all sterling silver items to slow the rate of tarnishing.

Although you won't be able to 100% prevent tarnishing, there are a few ways you can significantly delay it. The best way is to wear your jewelry frequently, because the oils in your skin will "clean" the sterling silver every time you wear it. Substances like colognes, perfumes, hair sprays, profuse sweating, and chlorine can also cause your jewelry to tarnish quicker. Try to keep your plated jewelry in a dry area. Our MANSSION box or small zip-top bag work great.

On another note, lots of customers LOVE the natural patina that develops over time - it makes the piece unique to you. Enjoy your MANSSION jewelry and watch it become a reflection of your journey over time.

Gold/Rose Gold Plating

Plating naturally fades from exposure to oils in the skin and the environment. This fading can take months or years, but anything plated will eventually tarnish with time and wear. To decrease the chances of fading:

  • Do not apply any sprays or skin creams directly onto your plated jewelry. Stay away from jewelry cleaners and antibacterial soaps.
  • Make sure you remove your plated jewelry when you exercise or swim.
  • After every use, gently clean your plated jewelry with the soft cloth provided to remove any dust and dirt.
  • Do not store gold plated and silver-plated jewelry together.
  • To avoid scratches, try to keep your plated jewelry in a dry area. Our MANSSION box or small zip-top bag work great.


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Quality & Detail!

A++ quality and detail! A very clean yet unique bracelet that I will be wearing every day. Looking forward to my next order!


All-in-all great product

From the attention to detail on the packaging to the actual item itself, this is a top of the line product. I am very impressed with the clean look, it looks even better in person than in photos. I am stoked to pair this with my Apple Watch as well. I would highly recommend this product for yourself or for a gift... it is definitely something you will be receiving comments on while wearing.

John A.
United States

The navy blue beads on the end

This thing looks clean, classy and so unique. I can't stop wearing it!

Ashlee Y.
United States

Everyday Wear

I love the simplicity of the bracelet, can be worn with anything. Very good quality, fast shipping and great customer service.

Tory Blaze

Looks even better in person

Pictures don't do it justice. Especially the end stones