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Our Story

We are three young individuals who were dissatisfied with the options of men’s jewelry. Everything we found was either terrible quality and clunky, or far too expensive and not fashion forward. There was nothing that resonated with what we truly wanted – fashionable, high-quality jewelry at an affordable price.

We decided to start our own company from the ground up. We took our chances knowing the odds were stacked against us, believing in one another just as much as we believed in our dream. No prior connections, no industry experience, just ideas and an undying passion to bring our vision to life. Now we are here, and at the very least, we hope to inspire you to find what you love and relentlessly chase your dreams. Trust us, it’s a beautiful ride.

Our Vision

At MANSSION, we believe in living life on your own terms, breaking free from years of monotonous schooling and corporate office environments that force us to settle for normal. Take that part of you that others have tried to mute and turn it up louder. Harness that thing that makes you great.

We are an expression of those who strive to be extraordinary in everything they do, and who inspire those around them to be better. From the workplace to the weekend, from the living room to a long night out, MANSSION encourages you to push everything you do to its limits…and enjoy life in the process.

Our bracelets are a perfect balance of ruggedness and sophistication. They are the ultimate expression of individuality and an undying passion to travel, learn, compete, and excel in everything you touch.

Beautifully unrefined.


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